RG #30 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

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    RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
    2 Beam Sabers (4 handles, 2 on the backpack, 1 on each forearm)
    Unicorn Mode antenna
    Destroy Mode antenna
    Beam Magnum
    Hyper Beam Javelin x2
    Beam Gatling Gun x6 (paired into 2 each)
    Hyper Bazooka x2
    Grenade Launchers x2
    Anti-Ship Missile Launcher x2
    Shield x3
    Hand Grenade Racks x8
    Hand Grenades x24 (3 connected for each rack)
    Large Booster x2
    Support stands for each Large Booster
    1 pair of fists
    1 pair of holding hands
    1 pair of widespread hands
    1/144 Banagher Links figurine
    Adapter for Action Base
    Additional backpack attachment parts for use in the Full Armor loadout

    Kit Features & Gimmicks
    Due to joint tolerance, the elbow joints feature a wider range of articulation.
    The legs feature double-jointed knee parts for a wider range of articulation.
    Shoulder joints can be pushed forward for extra frontwards articulation.
    Hip joints can...
    Tilt upwards/downwards on each piece.
    Rotate on each thigh.
    The weapon-holding hands feature protruding tabs for gripping stability.
    Unicorn Gundam can transform between Unicorn mode and Destroy mode. (Each Shield can be transformed accordingly.)
    The kit has 3 options for the horn/antenna: 2 fixed (1 for Unicorn mode, 1 for Destroy mode) and 1 transformable.
    In Destroy mode, forearm panel/Beam Saber holders can flip for the beam saber effect parts to attach - forming the beam tonfas. These are inaccessible when the Full Armor loadout is equipped though.
    Beam Magnum can be attached to a slot on the forearm.
    Hyper Bazookas are collapsible for storage.
    Hyper Beam Javelins can be folded for storage
    Each Beam Gatling Gun pair can be attached to a Shield. Each Shield can then be attached onto the Unicorn Gundam (1 on each forearm and 1 on the backpack) as part of the Full Armor loadout.
    Unicorn Gundam can mount onto the Action Base via an adapter.

    Tips and Tricks
    For better results:
    The parts can be panel-lined with Gundam Markers.
    The kit can be sprayed with Mr. Hobby Top Coat.

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