RG #18 00 Raiser
1,600.00 Php 1,600.00 Php 1600.0 PHP

GN-0000 00 Gundam
2 GN Beam Saber hilts
GNR-010 0 Raiser (transformable)
GN Sword II x2
2 GN Sword II Beam effect
GN Sword III
GN Sword III Beam effect
GN Shield x2
GN Beam Saber x2
Large GN Condenser x2
1/144 Setsuna F. Seiei figurine
1/144 Saji Crossroad figurine
RG #07 RX-178 MkII Titans Gundam
1,400.00 Php 1,400.00 Php 1400.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, Vulcan pod, beam saber × 2,
Shield, complete parts selection formula ×
MG Shenlong Gundam EW
2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 Php 2200.0 PHP
- Accessories: Dragon Fang, Beam Trident, Shield
MG Providence Gundam
2,600.00 Php 2,600.00 Php 2600.0 PHP
Providence Gundam
3 Large DRAGOON Pods
8 Small DRAGOON Pods
Firing effects
Beam Rifle
Composite Armed Shield System
Beam Saber effect Part
Index-to-Pinky finger parts
1/100 Rau le Creuset figurines (standing, sitting)
Adapter for Display Stand
BA2 Display Stand (Regular only)
Z.A.F.T. Display Stand (G.U.N.D.A.M. Editions only)

Kit Features & Gimmicks
The Index-to-Pinky finger parts can be swapped.
Cockpit hatch can be optionally opened to reveal pilot figurine.
Arm and Legs feature double-jointed parts for a wider range of articulation.
Wrist joints can tilt.
Waist can tilt on four directions in a limited manner.
Hip joints can...
Tilt upwards/downwards on each piece.
Rotate on each thigh.
DRAGOON Backpack can tilt back and forth by extending its built-in connection joint.
Left and right thrusters can tilt up to reveal additional sub-thrusters.
The Small DRAGOON Pods' waist and backpack joints can tilt up and down/forward and backward.
DRAGOON Pods can be optionally removed from the backpack and waist sections.
DRAGOON Pods can also be displayed with the firing effect parts.
Beam Rifle's foregrip can swing left or right.
Composite Armed Shield System can attach on/remove from the left arm.
Providence Gundam can attach onto the Display Stand via an adapter.
MG Gundam Barbatos
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP

Gundam Barbatos
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (sitting)
Dagger x2
Long Sword
Smoothbore gun
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (standing)
Interchangeable fingers
Closed fist (1 pair)
Weapon-holding (1 pair)
Expressive/open-palm (1 pair)
Action Base adapter
MG GP02A RX-78 Physalis
2,600.00 Php 2,600.00 Php 2600.0 PHP
MG Full Armor Gundam FA-78 Thunderbolt Ver Ka
3,650.00 Php 3,650.00 Php 3650.0 PHP
Accessories: dual beam rifle, rocket launcher, beam saber × 3 (beam blade × 2), shield × 4, pedestal
MG Deathscythe EW
2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 Php 2200.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Scythe, Buster Shield, Beam Parts for the Buster Shield
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.3 cm / 543g
MG 00 Raiser
3,300.00 Php 3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
- MG Raiser, go!
- Internal frame structure based partly off original Gundam 00 and partly off the Raiser.
- Utilize the Gunpla LEDs to showcase GN particle emissions in the head, GN Drives, and particle storage tanks.
* This product has five LED-enabled locations, and includes a single LED unit. Four additional Gunpla LED units required for full effect..
- Cockpit block features opening hatch.
- Raiser binder is equipped with opening gimmick.
- Thanks to new molds, weapons such as Raiser Sword can be recreated.

- Accessories: GN Sword II x2, GN Shield, GN Sword III, GN Beam Saber,
1/100 pilot figure (Standing, Sitting)
Item Size/Weight : 39.1 x 31.2 x 9.5 cm / 992g
HG RX-79[G] Ez8 Gundam #155
850.00 Php 850.00 Php 850.0 PHP
HG Full Armor Unicorn Destroy Mode #178
2,100.00 Php 2,100.00 Php 2100.0 PHP
- Accessories: Hyper Bazooka x2, Beam Magnum, Beam Saber (Hilt) x4,
Beam Saber (Blade) x2, Anti-Ship Missile x2, Grenade Launcher x2,
Hand Grenade Rack x4, Beam Gatling Gun x6, Shield, Armed Armor DE x3, Large Booster x2, Grip Manipulator x2 (Left and Right)
HG Barbatos Lupus Rex #033
850.00 Php 850.00 Php 850.0 PHP
- A new Gundam frame fuselage appeared!
PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam
16,000.00 Php 16,000.00 Php 16000.0 PHP
・ Beam rifle x 1
・ Beam saber x 2
・ LED beam saber x 1
・ Shield x 1
・ Core fighter x 1
・ RGB 2-lamp LED x 1
・ Hand parts (left and right) x 4 types each
・ 4 types of figures (Amuro [standing, sitting x 2], Seira [standing])
・ Metal parts (vernier) x 2
・ Metal parts (Vulcan) x 2
・ Saber assembly auxiliary jig x 1
・ Pin type lithium battery BR435 (for testing) x 1
・ Magnet unit x 1
・ Metal plate for magnet x 2
・ Marking sticker x 1
・ Namer seal x 1
・ Etching seal x 1
・ Metallic 3D sticker x 1
・ Instruction manual x 1
Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam EX1
480.00 Php 480.00 Php 480.0 PHP
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