HG Force Impulse #198
- Accessories: high-energy beam rifle, riot Botate, Vajura beam saber × 2, core Splendor, silhouette flyer
1,000.00 Php 1000.0 PHP
HG MS-06S Zaku II #234
・ Soft material skirt parts × 1 set
・ PS molded skirt parts × 1 set
・ Zaku machine gun × 1
・ Zaku Bazooka × 1
・ Heat Hawk x 1
・ Foil seal × 1
1,150.00 Php 1150.0 PHP
HG RX-0 Unicorn Banshee Norn Destroy Mode #175
- Accessories: Beam Magnum (with Revolving Launcher), Beam Jitte,
Armed Armor XC (Expanded), Armed Armor DE (Expanded), Rifle Manipulator, Grip Manipulator x2 (Left, Right), Beam Saber
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 8 cm / 432g
1,150.00 Php 1150.0 PHP
HG RX-78-2 Gundam Beyond Global
・ Beam rifle X 1
・ Shield x 1
・ Beam saber X 2
・ Foil seal × 1
1,100.00 Php 1100.0 PHP
MG Full Armor Gundam FA-78 Thunderbolt Ver Ka
Accessories: dual beam rifle, rocket launcher, beam saber × 3 (beam blade × 2), shield × 4, pedestal
4,100.00 Php 4100.0 PHP
MG Sazabi Ver Ka
- Following the 2012 release of the the v Gundam comes Char’s rival Suit: the hugely-anticipated Sazabi Ver.Ka!
- A year after the release of the MG v Gundam Ver.Ka, rival Suit Sazabi has appeared at last. Featuring engineering techniques created for the MG RX-78-2 Gundam 3.0 and the v Gundam Ver.Ka, the Sazabi is one of the most advanced kits to date.
- MG Sazabi Ver.Ka designed in conjunction with the CG images shown of at the Gundam Front Tokyo DOME-G, and is paired with the similarly designed v Gundam

- Accessories: Sazabi Shield, Beam Tomahawk, Beam Rifle, Funnel x6
4,100.00 Php 4100.0 PHP
RG #02 Zaku II MS-06S
Zaku II
Advanced MS Joint 2 Frame
Machine Gun
Heat Hawk
Connector Joint
Zaku Bazooka
Joint piece for Action Base
Char Aznable Figurine
1,240.00 Php 1240.0 PHP
RG #04 MS-06F Zaku II
Accessories: Zaku bazooka, heat hawk, Zaku machine gun, rifle hand grip (right)
Hirate (left), pilot figure (standing)
1,600.00 Php 1600.0 PHP
RG #07 RX-178 MkII Titans Gundam
- Accessories: Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, Vulcan pod, beam saber × 2,
Shield, complete parts selection formula ×
1,500.00 Php 1500.0 PHP
RG #22 Sinanju
- Accessories: beam rifle, beam saber, beam ax, shield, beam effect parts × 3 types, weapons possession (left and right), palm (left)
2,250.00 Php 2250.0 PHP
RG #37 God Gundam

・ God slash x 2
・ Hand parts x 1 set
・ Joint for connecting the sun wheel effect x 1
・ PET sheet (sun wheel effect) x 1 set
・ Realistic decal x 1
2,400.00 Php 2400.0 PHP
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