RG #24 Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Gundam
1,900.00 Php 1,900.00 Php 1900.0 PHP
Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina
"Maga no Ikutachi" Energy Absorption Claw
"Magashira no Hoko" Harpoon
"Trikeros Kai" Offensive Shield System
"Tsumuha no Tachi" triple claw
2 "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sabers
"Okitsu no Kagami" offense/defense beam shield system
Beam Blade
Beam Shield
Clear adjustable stand for "Magashira no Hoko" Harpoon
1/144 Rondo Mina Sahaku figurine
MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise
3,300.00 Php 3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise
1/100 Gai Murakumo figurine (sitting)
Tactical Arms II
Sword Arm Beam Effects
2 Armor Schneiders
Display Stand for Tactical Arms
1/100 Gai Murakumo figurine (standing)
Adapter for Action Base 1
MG Astray Blue Frame D
3,300.00 Php 3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
Accessories: Twin Gun x2, DRAGOON Blade x10, Sword Pedestal
MG 00 Raiser
3,250.00 Php 3,250.00 Php 3250.0 PHP
- MG Raiser, go!
- Internal frame structure based partly off original Gundam 00 and partly off the Raiser.
- Utilize the Gunpla LEDs to showcase GN particle emissions in the head, GN Drives, and particle storage tanks.
* This product has five LED-enabled locations, and includes a single LED unit. Four additional Gunpla LED units required for full effect..
- Cockpit block features opening hatch.
- Raiser binder is equipped with opening gimmick.
- Thanks to new molds, weapons such as Raiser Sword can be recreated.

- Accessories: GN Sword II x2, GN Shield, GN Sword III, GN Beam Saber,
1/100 pilot figure (Standing, Sitting)
Item Size/Weight : 39.1 x 31.2 x 9.5 cm / 992g
HG The O #036
1,900.00 Php 1,900.00 Php 1900.0 PHP
HG Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver. #217
1,850.00 Php 1,850.00 Php 1850.0 PHP
Sinanju Stein
2 Beam Sabers
High Beam Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Left Open Hand
HG Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo #073
1,760.00 Php 1,760.00 Php 1760.0 PHP
- Comes with Stand

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Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.2 cm / 576g
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