RG #21 00 Qan[T] Gundam
1,400.00 Php 1,400.00 Php 1400.0 PHP
GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]
GN Sword V
GN Sword Bit x6
GN Shield
Mini-Stand for Buster Sword/Rifle mode
1/144 Setsuna F. Seiei figurine

Kit Features & Gimmicks
The 3+1+1 Manipulators are poseable.
GN Sword V can switch between GN Rifle and GN Sword mode.
GN Sword Bits can attach to the GN Shield.
GN Sword Bits can attach to the GN Sword V to form the GN Buster Sword (which can then be transformed to the GN Buster Rifle).
GN Sword V can be stored on the side waist armor via a special connector part.
The GN Shield binder can be moved to the back of the GN-0000 00 Qan[T] to line up the GN Drives.
Parts can be removed from the MS to form the "Quantum Burst" mode. However, parts for displaying the GN Sword bits are not included in the box.
RG #19 Astray Red Frame
1,400.00 Php 1,400.00 Php 1400.0 PHP
Accessories: Gerbera Straight, beam rifle, shield, beam saber × 2, pilot figure
RG #17 Wing Gundam Zero EW
1,600.00 Php 1,600.00 Php 1600.0 PHP
XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW
Beam Sabers x2
Buster Rifle x2
1 pair of open palm manipulators
1 pair of weapon-holding manipulators
1 pair of closed fist manipulators
1 pair of 3-1-1 poseable manipulators
1/144 Heero Yuy figurine
Adapter for Action Base
RG #15 Exia Gundam
1,400.00 Php 1,400.00 Php 1400.0 PHP
- Accessories: GN Sword, GN Shield, GN Beam Saber x2, GN Beam Dagger x2,
GN Short Blade, GN Long Blade
RG #09 Justice Gundam
1,500.00 Php 1,500.00 Php 1500.0 PHP
- Accessories: beam saber, beam boomerang, shield, beam rifle, palm (right),
Rifle hand grip (right)
NG Gundam Dynames #02
1,980.00 Php 1,980.00 Php 1980.0 PHP
MG Tallgeese I EW
2,400.00 Php 2,400.00 Php 2400.0 PHP
- Accessories: Dober Gun, Shield, Beam Saber x2, 1/100 Zechs Marquise (Standing) 1/100 Zechs Marquise (Sitting), Fist (Left and Right), Open Palm (Left and Right), Weapon Grip (Left and Right)
MG Strike Freedom Gundam
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP

ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam
DRAGOONS x8 (EQFU-3X Super DRAGOON Mobile Weapon Wing & MA-80V Beam Assault Cannon)
Beam Saber x2 (MA-M02G "Super Lacerta")
Railgun x2 (MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3")
Beam Shield Generator x2 (MX2200)
High-energy Beam Rifle x2 (MA-M21KF)
Display Stand
1/100 Kira Yamato figurine
1/100 Lacus Clyne figurine
MG RX-78-2 V3.0
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP

RX-78-2 Gundam
2 Beam Sabers
Core Block
1/100 Amuro Ray figurine (sitting)
Beam Rifle
Transformable Core Fighter
1/100 Amuro Ray figurine (standing)
A Sheet of Marking decals
Adapter for Action Base 1
Kit Features & Gimmi
MG RX-0 Unicorn
2,800.00 Php 2,800.00 Php 2800.0 PHP
Unicorn Gundam
Unicorn Mode
1/100 Banagher Links figurine (sitting)
1 pair of Beam Sabers
1 pair of Beam Tonfas
Beam Magnum
3x5 E-pacs
Hyper Bazooka
Ammo pack
1/100 Banagher Links figurine (Standing)
Adapter for Action Base

Kit Features & Gimmicks
Unicorn Gundam can convert into Unicorn or Destroy mode.
Manipulators feature 3+1+1 articulation on each finger.
Elbow joints can be bent to 130 degrees.
Knee joints can be bent to 80 degrees.
the upper thigh joints can...
Tilt upwards/downwards on each piece.
Rotate on each thigh.

Weapons/Other Gimmicks
Unicorn Gundam can convert into Unicorn or Destroy mode.
The antenna can be swapped with either transforming or non-transforming pieces.
The arms' Beam Saber panels can flip out to form Beam Tonfas.
The Beam Sabers on the backpack can be optionally removed as handheld weapons.
The Beam Magnum's E-Pacs can be swapped.
The Beam Magnum's barrel can be slightly pulled forward, and one of the upper E-pacs can be removed to recreate its reloading feature.
The Hyper Bazooka can be converted between standby and deployed forms.
Its ammo pack can be optionally separated from the weapon.
The shield's adapter is multi-jointed, allowing for some poses while mounted onto the forearm.
Beam Magnum and Hyper Bazooka can mount onto the backpack via flip-out tabs.
Each of their respective ammo packs can also be mounted onto the rear waist armor.
Unicorn Gundam can mount with the Action Base 1 via an adapter.
MG Gundam Barbatos
3,000.00 Php 3,000.00 Php 3000.0 PHP

Gundam Barbatos
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (sitting)
Dagger x2
Long Sword
Smoothbore gun
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (standing)
Interchangeable fingers
Closed fist (1 pair)
Weapon-holding (1 pair)
Expressive/open-palm (1 pair)
Action Base adapter
MG GP02A RX-78 Physalis
3,200.00 Php 3,200.00 Php 3200.0 PHP
MG RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Destroy Ver Ka
4,250.00 Php 4,250.00 Php 4250.0 PHP
Accessories: Beam Rifle x2, Bazooka x2, Hand Grenade x4,
Missile Launcher with Grenade Launcher x2, Beam Blade x4, Shield x3,
Gatling Gun x6, Hyper Beam Javelin x2, Action Base Joint x4, Booster Vernier Stand x4
Item Size/Weight : 39.1 x 31.1 x 15.7 cm / 1673g
MG Freedom Gundam V2.0
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP
Freedom Gundam
2 Beam Sabers
Index-to-Pinky fingers
Trigger (right)
Beam Rifle
1/100 Kira Yamato figurines (standing, sitting)
Display Stand
MG Blitz Gundam
2,600.00 Php 2,600.00 Php 2600.0 PHP
- Accessories: Trikeros Shield, Lancer Dart, Beam Saber x2,
Gleipnir Claw
MG Aegis Gundam
2,700.00 Php 2,700.00 Php 2700.0 PHP
- Accessories: 60mm High-Energy Beam Rifle, Beam Saber x4,
Grip (Left and Right), Open Palm (Left and Right)
Hi Resolution Model Wing Gundam Zero EW
7,500.00 Php 7,500.00 Php 7500.0 PHP
- accessories
· Twin Buster Rifle × 1
· Beam · saber × 2
· Shield × 1

- Product content
· Completed frame × 1
· Molded article × 15
· Lead wire × 2
· Instruction manual × 1
HG Zabanya #67
1,050.00 Php 1,050.00 Php 1050.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Rifle (pistol) × 2, × 2 sets bits
HG Strike Freedom #201
1,250.00 Php 1,250.00 Php 1250.0 PHP
- Accessories: MA-M21KF high-energy beam rifle × 2, MA-M02G Gerhard Pale Rakeruta beam saber × 2, MX2200 beam shield
HG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode #100
1,450.00 Php 1,450.00 Php 1450.0 PHP
HG Raider Gundam R10
800.00 Php 800.00 Php 800.0 PHP
HG Harute #68
980.00 Php 980.00 Php 980.0 PHP
- Accessories: Rifle x2, Backpack
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19.1 x 7.8 cm / 387g
HG Gundam Barbatos #001
700.00 Php 700.00 Php 700.0 PHP
- Accessories: sword, mace, backpack arm × 2
HG Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo #073
1,500.00 Php 1,500.00 Php 1500.0 PHP
- Comes with Stand

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.2 cm / 576g
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