SD Cross Silhouette Earthree Gundam #15
700.00 Php 700.00 Php 700.0 PHP
・ Rifle × 1
・ Shield x 1
・ Foil seal x 1
RG Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human
3,900.00 Php 3,900.00 Php 3900.0 PHP
・ Progressive knife × 2 types (normal and stored)
・ Pallet rifle × 1
・ Hand parts (left and right) x 7 types each
・ Umbilical cable x 1
・ Realistic decal × 1
・ PET sheet x 1
RG #32 RX-93 V Nu Gundam
2,700.00 Php 2,700.00 Php 2700.0 PHP
ν Gundam
Beam Saber
Large Beam Saber
6 Fin Funnels
Beam Rifle
New Hyper Bazooka
Right trigger hand
1 pair of open hands
1 pair of fists
1/144 Amuro Ray figurine (standing)
Adapter for Action Base
RG #30 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam
3,200.00 Php 3,200.00 Php 3200.0 PHP
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
2 Beam Sabers (4 handles, 2 on the backpack, 1 on each forearm)
Unicorn Mode antenna
Destroy Mode antenna
Beam Magnum
Hyper Beam Javelin x2
Beam Gatling Gun x6 (paired into 2 each)
Hyper Bazooka x2
Grenade Launchers x2
Anti-Ship Missile Launcher x2
Shield x3
Hand Grenade Racks x8
Hand Grenades x24 (3 connected for each rack)
Large Booster x2
Support stands for each Large Booster
1 pair of fists
1 pair of holding hands
1 pair of widespread hands
1/144 Banagher Links figurine
Adapter for Action Base
Additional backpack attachment parts for use in the Full Armor loadout
MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka
2,400.00 Php 2,400.00 Php 2400.0 PHP
- The second in master designer Hajime Katoki’s detailed Ver.Ka like, the Wing was created under the watchful eye of Katoki himself!
- Dramatically redesigned color scheme and careful parts division lend the Suit a dynamic appearance.
- Fully hinged shoulder joint grants a wide range of motion.
- Full transformation into Neo Bird is included!
- Legs redesigned for maximum mobility.

- Accessories: Buster Rifle x1, Beam Saber x1, Shield x1, 1/100 Pilot Figure x2
Item Size/Weight : 31.1 x 24.1 x 11.8 cm / 735g
MG Sword Impulse Gundam
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP
MG Shin Musha Gundam Standard
2,800.00 Php 2,800.00 Php 2800.0 PHP
- Accessories: Tanegashima Gun x1, Nichirinmaru Katana x1, Denkoumaru Naginata x1, Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari x1
Item Size/Weight : 39 x 31.1 x 9.4 cm / 931g
MG Sandrock EW
2,300.00 Php 2,300.00 Php 2300.0 PHP
- Accessories: Shield, Heat Shotel x2, Beam Machine Gun
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.3 cm / 586g
MG RX-79 Gundam Ground Type
2,300.00 Php 2,300.00 Php 2300.0 PHP
MG RX-178 Gundam MkII TITANS v2.0
2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 Php 2200.0 PHP
MG RX-178 Gundam MkII AEUG v2.0
2,280.00 Php 2,280.00 Php 2280.0 PHP
MG Musha Mk II
3,500.00 Php 3,500.00 Php 3500.0 PHP
- With a renewed design from master mechanical designed Hajime Katoki, the Musha Gundam Mk-II, has received a Master Grade version for the first time!
- Thanks to the many mobile joints built into the Suit, a variety of dynamic poses are made possible.
- The characteristic armor has been reproduced- from the unique shapes to the gold-plated accents and steel-plated katana!
- Armed with dual Katana, one at each hip, as well as as Rifle and Naginata on the backpack.

- Accessories: Katana x2, Naginata, Rifle
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31 x 9.7 cm / 816g
MG Justice Gundam
3,000.00 Php 3,000.00 Php 3000.0 PHP
- accessories
· RQM51 Bussell beam boomerang × 2
· MA-M01 Rakeruta-beam saber × 2
· MA-M20 Alps beam rifle × 1
Laminate anti-beam shield × 1
MG Heavyarms EW
2,300.00 Php 2,300.00 Php 2300.0 PHP

- Accessories: Shield, Beam Gatling Gun, Army Knife, Missile Pods, Beam Saber (Fixed Position)
MG Gundam Barbatos
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP

Gundam Barbatos
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (sitting)
Dagger x2
Long Sword
Smoothbore gun
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (standing)
Interchangeable fingers
Closed fist (1 pair)
Weapon-holding (1 pair)
Expressive/open-palm (1 pair)
Action Base adapter
MG RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Destroy Ver Ka
4,400.00 Php 4,400.00 Php 4400.0 PHP
Accessories: Beam Rifle x2, Bazooka x2, Hand Grenade x4,
Missile Launcher with Grenade Launcher x2, Beam Blade x4, Shield x3,
Gatling Gun x6, Hyper Beam Javelin x2, Action Base Joint x4, Booster Vernier Stand x4
Item Size/Weight : 39.1 x 31.1 x 15.7 cm / 1673g
MG Full Armor Gundam FA-78 Thunderbolt Ver Ka
3,700.00 Php 3,700.00 Php 3700.0 PHP
Accessories: dual beam rifle, rocket launcher, beam saber × 3 (beam blade × 2), shield × 4, pedestal
MG Epyon EW
2,700.00 Php 2,700.00 Php 2700.0 PHP
- A next generation Mobile Suit kit, Endless Waltz's Gundam Epyon rockets into action!
- Complete transformation from MS form to MA form.
- Equipped with a variety of gimmicks to express the Epyon's unique abilities!
- MA form features 4-point jointed movable neck
- Opening jaw gimmick (held in the sole of the Mobile Suit's foot).
- Epyon claw completely re-imagined, now sitting flush with the forearm and featuring an extending gimmick, giving a sense of movement.
- Heat rod incorporates bending mechanism thanks to jointed parts.
- Interlocking moving wings extend by pulling down on the bottom.
- Marking decals designed by Hajime Katoki.

- Accessories: Heat rod (Shield), Beam Sword
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.3 x 8.4 cm / 861g
MG Deathscythe EW
2,300.00 Php 2,300.00 Php 2300.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Scythe, Buster Shield, Beam Parts for the Buster Shield
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 11.3 cm / 543g
MG Astray Red Frame
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP
Gundam Astray Red Frame
1/100 Lowe Guele figurine (sitting)
Tactical Arms IIL
Beam torch
Beam Saber effect
"Gerbera Straight" Katana
"Tiger Pierce" Katana
Action Base 2 (Red)
1/100 Lowe Guele figurine (sitting)
Adapter for Action Base 1
MG 00 Raiser
3,300.00 Php 3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
- MG Raiser, go!
- Internal frame structure based partly off original Gundam 00 and partly off the Raiser.
- Utilize the Gunpla LEDs to showcase GN particle emissions in the head, GN Drives, and particle storage tanks.
* This product has five LED-enabled locations, and includes a single LED unit. Four additional Gunpla LED units required for full effect..
- Cockpit block features opening hatch.
- Raiser binder is equipped with opening gimmick.
- Thanks to new molds, weapons such as Raiser Sword can be recreated.

- Accessories: GN Sword II x2, GN Shield, GN Sword III, GN Beam Saber,
1/100 pilot figure (Standing, Sitting)
Item Size/Weight : 39.1 x 31.2 x 9.5 cm / 992g
HG Zabanya #67
1,100.00 Php 1,100.00 Php 1100.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Rifle (pistol) × 2, × 2 sets bits
HG Vidar #027
780.00 Php 780.00 Php 780.0 PHP
Gundam Vidar
Burst Saber hilt
Burst Saber blade
2 Hand guns
1 pair of hands (sword-wielding)

Kit Features & Gimmicks
Rifle can attach on either side of the waist armors.
Burst Saber hilt can attach oh either Burst Saber blade's holes in each side waist armor.
The Hunter's Edge on the pair of feet can flip out.

Tips & Tricks
The open hands included in the 7th Option Set can be used for this Gunpla.
HG Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex Destroy Mode Narrative Ver. #213
1,750.00 Php 1,750.00 Php 1750.0 PHP
· Armed Armor × 2
· Beam · Magnum × 1

[Product content]
· Molded article × 10
· Foil seal × 1
· Instruction manual × 1
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