The forum for all Pinoy Airsofters.

Show your loadouts. Boast your rigs.

Form Camaraderie.

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The forum for all Pinoy Airsofters.
Show your loadouts. Boast your rigs.
Form Camaraderie.
What is the Goal of Geekommunity?

This community will be open for well rounded, professional, enthusiast users, partners. You can contribute an answer or ask questions about:

  • Hobbies we promote: Gaming, Gunpla and Airsoft.
  • Share know how, techniques, hacks, improvisation to our crafts.
  • Keep our passion alive amidst pandemic.
What are Geekommunity's Code of Conduct?
    1. Be Kind and Courteous
      We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

    2. No Hate Speech or Bullying
      Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

    3. No Promotions or Spam
      Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. For business related inquiries. Chat us on our Geekowares Chat

    4. Respect Everyone's Privacy
      Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What's shared in the group should stay in the group.

    5. Geekowares HAS RIGHTS
      By joining this group you agree to Geekowares, it's partners, Geekomunities and its sub group to have rights to use any content or pictures that are being share publicly to other social media platforms Geekowares owns.

    6. Sharing none related information
      We, as much as possible stick to the most related topic on each forum. We will keep the group very informative to every member. No Negativity, Politics. Only like-minded members of this group.

    7. No Buy and Sell/Trade & Swap topics.
      No Buy and sell topics there are places that you can do your transaction just not inside our community. Our plans to have this section will be unveiled as soon as we build enough members and our community is ready.

    8. No posting of discussion or argument
      No posting of discussion or argument between someone e.g. screenshot of PM or Comment and argue it in community publicly.

    9. No NSFW, we appreciate wholesome topics only.
      We wanted to maintain our goal for this community, any NSFW posts are a distraction to our crafts. Do your own NSFW-thing on your private space and time.

    What are Geekommunity's Limitations?


    All images to be posted on Geekowares website and Geekommunity forums are for Hobby purposes only. There are no Real Guns to be sold on this website nor we are engaging in trading of real guns as it is regulated by the government in the Philippines.

    Products may look like real, but it is AIRSOFT TOYS ONLY, MODEL KITS TOYS AND THEIR FICTIONAL WEAPONS meant to be appreciated for display and played to promote discipline, sportsmanship and simulation only.

    We take no responsibility for any ILLEGAL activities outside our premises (handed to 3rd party logistics). As we intend to comply any government initiated regulations like National Gun Ban.

    We take no responsibility for any mishandling done outside our area of responsibility. Shop Warranty applies for factory damages but not user initiated damages or logistics handling.


    Why can't I post Images or Links? or edit my questions/answers?

    Every member needs to introduce himself first to gain full access.
    Membership is moderated and FREE.
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    Also here's a table with the privileges and the karma level