7,500.00 Php 4,900.00 Php 4900.0 PHP
MG MS-09B Dom
・ Heat Saber × 1
・ Giant Buzz × 1
・ Raketen Buzz × 1
・ Sturm Faust × 2
・ 90mm Machine Gun × 1
・ Water Transfer Decal × 1
3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
MG Eclipse Gundam
・ Beam rifle x 2
・ Beam shield x 2
・ Effect parts for beam saber x 2
・ Effect parts for beam shield x 2
・ Hand parts (left and right) x 5 types
・ Joint set for striker pack equipment x 1
・ Joint set for silhouette equipment x 1
・ Joint set for wizard equipment x 1
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Marking sticker x 1
・ Display pedestal x 1
3,350.00 Php 3350.0 PHP
2,400.00 Php 2400.0 PHP
MG Sazabi Ver Ka
- Following the 2012 release of the the v Gundam comes Char’s rival Suit: the hugely-anticipated Sazabi Ver.Ka!
- A year after the release of the MG v Gundam Ver.Ka, rival Suit Sazabi has appeared at last. Featuring engineering techniques created for the MG RX-78-2 Gundam 3.0 and the v Gundam Ver.Ka, the Sazabi is one of the most advanced kits to date.
- MG Sazabi Ver.Ka designed in conjunction with the CG images shown of at the Gundam Front Tokyo DOME-G, and is paired with the similarly designed v Gundam

- Accessories: Sazabi Shield, Beam Tomahawk, Beam Rifle, Funnel x6
4,140.00 Php 4140.0 PHP
MG RX-93 V Gundam Ver Ka
- Accessories: Beam Rifle, Shield, Beam Saber (large), Beam Saber (small),
Fin Funnel x6
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.3 x 11 cm / 1163g
3,220.00 Php 3220.0 PHP
MG RX-78-2 Gundam V3.0

RX-78-2 Gundam
2 Beam Sabers
Core Block
1/100 Amuro Ray figurine (sitting)
Beam Rifle
Transformable Core Fighter
1/100 Amuro Ray figurine (standing)
A Sheet of Marking decals
Adapter for Action Base 1
Kit Features & Gimmi
2,668.00 Php 2668.0 PHP
MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
Unicorn Gundam
Unicorn Mode
1/100 Banagher Links figurine (sitting)
1 pair of Beam Sabers
1 pair of Beam Tonfas
Beam Magnum
3x5 E-pacs
Hyper Bazooka
Ammo pack
1/100 Banagher Links figurine (Standing)
Adapter for Action Base
2,500.00 Php 2500.0 PHP
MG Infinite Justice
- Accessories: MA-M1911 High-Energy Beam Rifle x1, Shield x1, Super Lacerta Beam Saber x2, Grapple Stinger x1, Beam Effect Parts x8, Beam Shield x1, Beam Boomerang x1, 1/100 Athrun Zala x2 (Standing, Sitting), Action Base Joint x1
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.1 x 9.4 cm / 853g
3,128.00 Php 3128.0 PHP
MG PBANDAI Hypermode Master Gundam
Master Gundam (Hyper Mode Ver.)
Open-palm (1 pair)
Knife-palm (1 pair)
x2 Angled palms
Master Cloth-holding (right)
Darkness finger (1 pair)
Extra Darkness finger (right)
2 Wire connectors for "Distant Crusher" effect
4,200.00 Php 4200.0 PHP
MG G Gundam

God (G) Gundam
Core Lander
1/100 Domon Kasshu figurine (sitting)
2 Beam Swords
1 pair of fists
1 pair of angled palms
1 pair of God Fingers
1/100 Domon Kasshu figurine (standing)
1/20 Domon Kasshu figurine
2,250.00 Php 2250.0 PHP
MG Full Armor Gundam FA-78 Thunderbolt Ver Ka
Accessories: dual beam rifle, rocket launcher, beam saber × 3 (beam blade × 2), shield × 4, pedestal
4,100.00 Php 4100.0 PHP
MG Freedom Gundam V2.0
Freedom Gundam
2 Beam Sabers
Index-to-Pinky fingers
Trigger (right)
Beam Rifle
1/100 Kira Yamato figurines (standing, sitting)
Display Stand
2,990.00 Php 2990.0 PHP
3,000.00 Php 3000.0 PHP
2,980.00 Php 2980.0 PHP
3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
2,668.00 Php 2668.0 PHP
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