MG Zeta Gundam v2.0
3,400.00 Php 3,400.00 Php 3400.0 PHP
MG Zaku II Char v2.0
2,500.00 Php 2,500.00 Php 2500.0 PHP
Zaku II Commander Type Char Aznable Custom
1/100 Char Aznable figurine (sitting)
Zaku Machine Gun
Heat Hawk
Pilot Lift
1/100 Char Aznable figurine (standing)
Adapter for Action Base

Kit Features & Gimmicks
Mono-eye can move when the head is turned sideways.
Manipulators feature 3+1+1 articulation on each finger and feature tab-holes for the weapons' molded tabs for gripping stability.
Shoulder joints can tilt forward for extra frontwards articulation.
Arms and Legs feature double-jointed elbow/knee parts for a wider range of articulation.
Both the shoulder armor and shield are jointed to avoid interference with the arms' articulation.
The upper thigh joints can...
Tilt upwards/downwards on each piece.
Rotate on each thigh.
Front, side and rear skirt armors can pivot to avoid interference with the legs' articulation.

Weapons/Other Gimmicks
The cockpit can swivel from left or right via a switch on the back. (removal for the backpack is required.).
Machine gun foregrip can swivel left or right.
The bazooka's foregrip can swivel left or right.
Machine Gun magazine can be optionally removed from the machine gun, and mount onto the rear waist armor.
Heat Hawk can be mounted onto the left waist armor via an adapter.
The pilot lift can be extended.
Zaku II can be mounted onto the Action Base via an adapter.

Tips & Tricks
For better results, some or most of the details (including the figurines) can be painted and panel-lined with Gundam Markers and/or Mr. Color Paints.
Topcoat (Mr. Hobby recommended) can be used to protect applied decals.
If using matte/flat-finish top coat, it is advisable not to spray on the clear/translucent parts - can be done by masking or spraying top coat while the said parts are separated.
The middle, ring, pinky fingers can be sliced off for individual articulation. (NOTE: May decrease gripping stability.)
Builders can choose between two options for the Commander's horn: "TV" and "Real" versions.
B-Club related customizations
High Detail Manipulator 148 can be used for this kit.
MG Char's Z'gok MSM-07S
2,400.00 Php 2,400.00 Php 2400.0 PHP
MG RX-0 Unicorn Ver Ka Titanium Finish
5,900.00 Php 5,900.00 Php 5900.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Rifle x1, Shield x1, Extra Magazine x2, Hyper Bazooka x1, Beam Saber x4
MG Sinanju OVA
4,200.00 Php 4,200.00 Php 4200.0 PHP
- Mobile Suit Gundam: Unicorn's Crimson Comet, the Sinanju is re-released as a Master Grade kit following design specifications from the anime- including the iconic bazooka!
- Includes redesigned marking decals
- Inner Frame material changed from PVC to paintable ABS.
- Anime-accurate bazooka included, and equipped with a telescoping gimmick.

- Accessories: Beam Rifle , Shield, Beam Saber x2, Beam Axe x2,
Bazooka, Pilot Figure (standing, sitting), Joint for Action Base 1
Item Size/Weight : 39 x 31 x 12.3 cm / 1168g
MG RX-93 V Gundam Ver Ka
3,500.00 Php 3,500.00 Php 3500.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Rifle, Shield, Beam Saber (large), Beam Saber (small),
Fin Funnel x6
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.3 x 11 cm / 1163g
MG RX-178 Gundam MkII AEUG v2.0
2,100.00 Php 2,100.00 Php 2100.0 PHP
MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Banshee 02
3,200.00 Php 3,200.00 Php 3200.0 PHP
MG PBANDAI Astray Turn Red
4,800.00 Php 4,800.00 Php 4800.0 PHP
MG Infinite Justice
3,100.00 Php 3,100.00 Php 3100.0 PHP
- Accessories: MA-M1911 High-Energy Beam Rifle x1, Shield x1, Super Lacerta Beam Saber x2, Grapple Stinger x1, Beam Effect Parts x8, Beam Shield x1, Beam Boomerang x1, 1/100 Athrun Zala x2 (Standing, Sitting), Action Base Joint x1
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.1 x 9.4 cm / 853g
MG Hi-V Gundam Ver Ka
3,900.00 Php 3,900.00 Php 3900.0 PHP
- Accessories: Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, Shield, Fin Funnel x6, Stand, Beam Saber x3
Item Size/Weight : 39.5 x 31.3 x 14.6 cm / 1300g
MG Gundam Exia
2,550.00 Php 2,550.00 Php 2550.0 PHP
Gundam Exia
1/100 Setsuna F. Seiei figurine (sitting)
2 GN Beam Sabers
2 GN Beam Daggers
GN Sword
GN Shield
GN Short Sword
GN Long Sword
Display Stand for GN Drive
1/100 Setsuna F. Seiei figurine (standing)
Karel figurine
MG Gundam Dynames
3,100.00 Php 3,100.00 Php 3100.0 PHP
· GN Sniper Rifle × 1
· GN Beam Pistol & Holster × 2
· GN beam sabel × 2
· GN shield × 2
· GN full shield × 2
MG Gundam Barbatos
2,950.00 Php 2,950.00 Php 2950.0 PHP

Gundam Barbatos
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (sitting)
Dagger x2
Long Sword
Smoothbore gun
1/100 Mikazuki Augus figurine (standing)
Interchangeable fingers
Closed fist (1 pair)
Weapon-holding (1 pair)
Expressive/open-palm (1 pair)
Action Base adapter
MG Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound
2,700.00 Php 2,250.00 Php 2250.0 PHP
MG Gouf v2.0
2,400.00 Php 2,400.00 Php 2400.0 PHP
MG GM Sniper II
2,500.00 Php 2,500.00 Php 2500.0 PHP
- Accessories: 75mm sniper rifle, Bullpup-machine gun, shield, beam saber × 2, machine gun magazine × 3, gun possession (right), grip hand (left and right), grip hand weapons (left and right), palm ( left and right), pilot figure
MG Freedom Gundam V2.0
2,900.00 Php 2,900.00 Php 2900.0 PHP
Freedom Gundam
2 Beam Sabers
Index-to-Pinky fingers
Trigger (right)
Beam Rifle
1/100 Kira Yamato figurines (standing, sitting)
Display Stand
MG Epyon EW
3,000.00 Php 3,000.00 Php 3000.0 PHP
- A next generation Mobile Suit kit, Endless Waltz's Gundam Epyon rockets into action!
- Complete transformation from MS form to MA form.
- Equipped with a variety of gimmicks to express the Epyon's unique abilities!
- MA form features 4-point jointed movable neck
- Opening jaw gimmick (held in the sole of the Mobile Suit's foot).
- Epyon claw completely re-imagined, now sitting flush with the forearm and featuring an extending gimmick, giving a sense of movement.
- Heat rod incorporates bending mechanism thanks to jointed parts.
- Interlocking moving wings extend by pulling down on the bottom.
- Marking decals designed by Hajime Katoki.

- Accessories: Heat rod (Shield), Beam Sword
Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.3 x 8.4 cm / 861g
MG Destiny
3,100.00 Php 3,100.00 Php 3100.0 PHP
- Accessories: High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon x1, Arondight Beam Sword x1, Beam Rifle x1, Shield x1, Beam Boomerang x2, Effect Part (Blade) x3, Effect Part (Boomerang) x2, Effect Part (Shield) x1, Beam Cannon Manipulators x2 (Left and Right), 1/100 Pilot Figure x2
MG Buster Gundam
2,500.00 Php 2,500.00 Php 2500.0 PHP
- Accessories: 350mm Gun Launcher, 94mm High-Energy Rifle,
Fist (Left and Right), Open Palm (Left and Right)
MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise
3,300.00 Php 3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise
1/100 Gai Murakumo figurine (sitting)
Tactical Arms II
Sword Arm Beam Effects
2 Armor Schneiders
Display Stand for Tactical Arms
1/100 Gai Murakumo figurine (standing)
Adapter for Action Base 1
MG Astray Blue Frame D
3,300.00 Php 3,300.00 Php 3300.0 PHP
Accessories: Twin Gun x2, DRAGOON Blade x10, Sword Pedestal
MG Aegis Gundam
2,850.00 Php 2,850.00 Php 2850.0 PHP
- Accessories: 60mm High-Energy Beam Rifle, Beam Saber x4,
Grip (Left and Right), Open Palm (Left and Right)
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