2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 Php PHP 2200.0

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Zaku II Kai
Fritz Helmet type
Commander type
3 Hand Grenades
1 extra piece
2 Handles
Machine Gun
Ammo pack
Grenade Launcher
Heat Hawk
Right trigger hand
Left open hand
RE Nightingale
4,400.00 Php 4,400.00 Php PHP 4400.0

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10 removable Funnels (5 on each binders)
Mega Beam Rifle
Beam Tomahawk

Kit Features & Gimmicks
Manipulators are fully poseable.
Mono-eye can move left or right via a switch underneath.
Elbow and knee joints can be bent up to 70 degrees.
Hip joints can...
Tilt upwards/downwards on each piece.
Rotate on each thigh.
Funnels can be optionally detached from the binders.
The small panel on the Forearms can be optionally removed to reveal mounting points for the shield adapter.
Beam tomahawk handle can optionally attach into/detach from the shield.
Nightingale's neck can be accommodated with a green Gunpla LED Unit (sold separately).
RE Guncannon Detector #008
2,250.00 Php 2,250.00 Php PHP 2250.0



Guncannon Detector
2 Beam Cannons
Beam Rifle
Beam Gun
170mm Cannon
RE GP04 Gerbera
2,200.00 Php 2,200.00 Php PHP 2200.0

Out of Stock

- The kit in 1/100 scale Gundam prototype Unit 4, which is the original form of MS Gerbera Tetra that appeared in the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory]. The cause draw a new design image for RE / 100, reproduced in a contemporary form.

- Reproduce the distinctive rear booster
Reproduce the Shutsurumu booster of back which is a feature of the aircraft. Booster three is detachable. Two upper, also reproduce gimmick that connects the saber-rack. Landing skid bottom booster can reproduce the storage and deployment in the parts replacement. Skid deployment at the time also function as a support of the body upright.

- Rich armed parts included
Long-range rifle comes with can be equipped with two-handed, both forms of one hand possession. Energy CAP remove, can be attached to the shield back.

- Accessories: Long-range rifle, beam rifle, shield, beam saber × 2, beam Jitte
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